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My Love Letter

We write the story of our own life – one moment, one decision at a time.

I’m watching a real life love story unfold. It’s writing is full of starts and stops, of frustrations and forgiveness, with optimistic hopes, fears of failure, and tall and wide obstacles that bring tears . . . each followed by steadfast times of loving care. I watch while one decision at a time is considered, using hope and unwavering love, and am awed by the writing of beautiful grace moments

What I’m witnessing brings me to write this love letter to those who’ve been selflessly composing two life stories – their own as each decision regularly rearranges their own personal hopes and plans, as well as the story of another whom they love without conditions.

At the heart of this life story is a spirited, smart, independent woman of a certain age who has lost her way. She’s landed in unchartered territory, is lost and balancing on disconcerting and uncomfortable shifting sand. And, as is her style, she valiantly fights what she doesn’t understand, those things she cannot control, and those around her who try to help her find a new, more balanced, life path.

Thankfully, in her changing world also exists the presence of deep, abiding, ever-circling love. It’s the enduring, unconditional regard of those she’s mothered, those with whom she’s created memories, those she’s forever loved, taken for granted, and now easily misunderstands. They stand resolutely, quietly, gently encircling the woman who is their center, always reflecting on how to best compose life’s next episode for each of them.

This story is filled with rounds of hopeful, thoughtful decisions – both large and small – crafted, tested, executed. Most every round provokes questions, misunderstandings, anxiety, and anger born of confusion and fear. Then words fly; discomfort follows. And with time, quiet returns. With each and every outburst, love patiently steps back and waits for the next opening to tentatively write a different, more hopeful chapter in their common lives. The cycle continues.

I’m reminded week after week that enduring love never ends, not even if it’s stories live in grief. This special love story is testament to that truth. Each ensuing chapter, another decision yet to come, another rearrangement of encircling love, written to best support the woman at its center, patiently waits for . . . whatever is next. The story moves onward . . ..

I remain a grateful witness to the unfolding of your gracious love,




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