Encountering Grace

Re-imagine with me

It's time. Today. This moment. Now are the most precious minutes we have to be present to all the loving, peace-filled possibilities moving around us. And, if we get quiet enough, we'll be able to hear the messages of this special and grace-filled holiday season ask us to pause, take stock of the trajectory of our own lives and take advantage of the many ways there are to love, be in service, and bring peace to others. This season has always had the power to remind us of different ways to behave, to imagine a more joyful picture, to encourage us to say to ourselves: What if . . . "Imagine all the people living on in peace. . . . Imagine all the people sharing all the world." I know you've al

May you be at Peace

Our dear friend was dying. It didn’t seem possible; her spirit seemed still so sweet and strong, but it was true. So, some weeks ago we stood together at the foot of her bed and gently sang Metta Sutta. “May you dwell in the heart. May you be free from suffering. May you be free. May you be at peace.” I knew I mustn’t think beyond the music if I was to make it through this special time with her. I concentrated on my tone as I sang those words. It was important that my voice not stand apart from the others as we chanted our lines together. I wanted to get the timing right, carry the higher line gently, memorize each compassionate word tied to its explicit note, blend so that our voices cou

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