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Mind Set: The Power of Creating Space

So, here’s what happened:

I’m excited; I’ve found just the right book to gift my favorite little person. So, happily smiling, I head toward the young woman at the register of a local book store. I hand her my purchases and inquire how her day is going. She doesn’t look up from the computer as she mutters an ok.

“Just ok?” I ask, full of feeling grateful, and sorry that this person seems to be having a rough day. “Yes”, she replies, eyes still down, ringing up my purchase, and then continuing by telling me how boring it feels where she is, (in front of me) . . . she’s not out there, you know, with the books. Hmmmm . . . I’m thinking.

But here I am, still wanting to keep my own happy going. So, I mention how interesting it must be to greet and help all the various people she gets to meet. The young woman finally looks up to roll her eyes and inform me that waiting on others is not all that great. And with that, I decide to move on.

I walked away from this exchange still feeling lucky, my mind still set on gratitude, but the encounter got me thinking about the essential, creative power of our own thoughts.

State of Mind: a way of thinking, of being, of believing and then behaving; an outlook, attitude toward the self, others, and the world at large.

Pictured is one of my favorite work-out shirts – my reminder that feeling calm holds power. But, as with all emotional perspectives like happiness, anger, fear, gratitude, peace, etc., feeling calm isn’t a super power; it’s a human one, reflected through an intended state of mind.

I find myself dwelling on this idea not only because of my book store encounter but also because we’re into Spring – the bird chirping, longer-sunnier-days’ season of inspiration, creation and hope. It’s also my son’s birthday time and sometimes I still struggle to keep a gracious mindset as I’m reminded of his loss.

Then it’s intervention time . . . time for me to breathe and reset. Ultimately, I absolutely believe we have the power to make intentional choices about our thoughts and feelings, to reset when necessary, and to embrace whatever attitude we choose as we live out each of our days.

The ability to have an uplifting day rests within each of us. I’ll be thinking of you, sending grace, as you consciously frame the beautiful setting of your own space.




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