Encountering Grace

Finding Your Way Home

It was almost 2,000 years ago that this famous phrase was coined: “Home is where the heart is.” I believe this often-recalled thought expresses a concept as important to our lives today as it might have been then – the idea that a physical place and part of the body exist together. In fact, let me walk a few more steps into the core of that idea and state it as a metaphor: our truest home is our own heart. The holidays mark special seasons in our lives; we can find ourselves making our way to homes, again and again. That kind of traveling can be both lovely and stressful, and clearly-marked maps are often a must. The most reliable, honest map for holiday journeys is our very own heart; letti

Just start with a Smile

My son, Matt, and I found ourselves on the bustling streets of Manhattan last week. My boy sticks around no matter where I am. Sometimes he just quietly goes along for the ride, but this particular day was one of those times I felt his whisper in my heart. When I sense him there I know it’s time for me to become intentional, more aware of even the smallest sights, sounds and bits of information around me. And that’s when Mother Teresa entered my day. My cousin and I were browsing the Julliard Bookstore – she, looking for a theory book to help one of her piano students, and I, perusing in an awestruck kind of tourist way. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find the wisdom of a selfless missionar

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