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Re-imagine with me

It's time. Today. This moment. Now are the most precious minutes we have to be present to all the loving, peace-filled possibilities moving around us. And, if we get quiet enough, we'll be able to hear the messages of this special and grace-filled holiday season ask us to pause, take stock of the trajectory of our own lives and take advantage of the many ways there are to love, be in service, and bring peace to others. This season has always had the power to remind us of different ways to behave, to imagine a more joyful picture, to encourage us to say to ourselves: What if . . .

"Imagine all the people living on in peace.

. . .

Imagine all the people sharing all the world."

I know you've all heard it - this is the season for miracles. But, never forget: no matter the seasons unfolding around us, the most amazing miracles, right here and right now, start with something within us. Our minds and hearts propel the chain reactions that create miracles for ourselves and others.

Let everything you think you know fall away for the next four minutes. Open your mind and heart the same ways you did when you still trusted, still believed that anything and everything good and loving were possible - not only later in a different world or on different plane - but Now. Listen to young people singing about what so many of us have grown to scoff as impossible: millions thriving together, looking after each other, serving each other, loving each other in the right here, right now.

Take this season to re-imagine your deepest hopes. Believe, like the child you once were, that all honorable, good and peace-filled things are possible with love. Look in the mirror and imagine the miracles only you can put into motion by believing in their possibility. Start thinking and behaving like you're the miracle . . . because you are.

"You may say I'm a dreamer

but I'm not the only one.

Hope some day you will join us

and the world will be as one"

Sending you hope and grace for re-imagining our journey together -


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