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The Time In-Between

T. S. Eliot’s words and I recently found each other again.

“I said to my soul, be still, and wait. . ..

So the darkness shall be the light,

And the stillness the dancing.”

Ah, yes . . . the time in-between. That space between one high-energy, high-expectation time and the next can be one of both celebration and anticipation. For me, moving toward a new year feels expectant . . . anticipating that hopeful, heartfelt and soul-inspired things are just hanging around, ready to be noticed. Though sometimes weighty with responsibility, mostly, in-between times feel awash with opportunities for renewal, new understandings, unexpected abundance, and especially for those calm moments when the desires of my soul speak out.

That waiting period before a new year gives me a special kind of breathing space, a time to think about what could be. It’s intentional time. I think that’s why I wait to post the Evergreen visual until right before the new year. Its branches are filled with a variety of words, phrases, and calls for action – each a possibility to consider and practice now, while we’re looking toward our next life chapter.

The old is darkening; the new is waiting to light our way forward. Anything you’d like to do that’s out of your 2022 character? Want to try on some new responses? Become someone who’s walking down a different path? How about some new dance steps to move purposefully into 2023?

No matter what, I always wish you the grace of love to light your way beyond whatever darkness moves through you. May you gently and intentionally navigate all the possibilities that this time in-between offers.

With love,




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