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Love, baby, Love. That’s the Secret . . .

I’m tired of my own voice. It’s feedback sounds whinny to me because, I guess, that’s how I feel – tired of all the turmoil and distress swirling around. I’m also bored with my own whininess (yep - that’s actually a word), and we all deserve more. So, I looked around for a new voice.

Uplifting lyrics? A video? Some hopeful words with music and beautiful pictures to bring contrast to the ever-present shroud of newspaper headlines, commentator captions, pictures of destructive wildfires and the twists of poll numbers? Maybe if I roll the ideas of hope and love around in my mind, and stay aware of opportunities, I’ll catch an inspiration floating by.

It’s all about balance: what is . . . what can be. It’s about remembering that hope for better days ahead is held in acts of selfless generosity, truthfulness, and the courage to live as if love is the answer. How lovely to believe that regardless of the headlines, our world isn’t destined to tumble headlong into the abyss. I closed my eyes, took deep breaths, let my mind retreat, and sure enough, eventually caught my lyrics.

Over 45 years ago, Louis Armstrong brought alive the lyrical, soulful ideas I gratefully embrace today: with love all things are possible.

I invite you to relax into the next few minutes of a YouTube memory. Hear the musician make his introduction, and let the hope of an old song wash over today’s embattled spirits. Skip the ad, click open the full screen, sit back and take in the beauty.

Time well spent, my friends, to encounter the beauty of grace in the midst of chaos. What a wonderful world this can be. Jane



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