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Dancing in the Rain

Wherever your mind goes, your energy flows. Anyone else spending time thinking of some personal storms brewing around you? I’m back in the grind of thinking too much about sad, worrisome, out-of-my-control stuff, and doing too little about the more serene and joyful in-my-control stuff. The last couple of weeks in my life unfolded with a variety of grief touchpoints that surprised and saddened me. My thoughts went to places I was almost sure I had left behind. It’s taken me some time to refresh an understanding about the power of my own thoughts. I know that scientists, health professionals and philosophers contend that it isn’t who we are, what we have, where we are or what we’re doing that brings us serenity and happiness. It is what we think about . . . and how we process those thoughts. Finding peace and joy begins at the cellular level, we’re told, giving us the power to prime our gray cells for happiness. And, the converse is equally true: we can also literally program ourselves into sadness and chaos. My introspection has had me shaking a fist at the inevitable gathering and breaking storms rather than taking the opportunity to remember how to dance in their rain. A future of thinking about and practicing dance moves sounds so much more gentle for my heart and soul health. During these last couple of days I've been concentrating on ways to reprogram what I’ve let slide. Here are just a few ideas I'm planning to revisit. If they sound good, try one or two. These first basic healthy-to-happier big four – drink lots of H2O throughout the day, get plenty of good sleep, eat healthily and exercise – should always be on any list. Then add to those, the simple act of smiling, even if no one else can see it.

A smile, the physical, emotional action itself, elevates your state of mind. And, Write down the good stuff; listing what you’re thankful for solidifies your gratitude and also fires up the positive emotional part of the brain. And, Embrace each of life’s pleasures. Don’t just hold out for the big ones; acknowledge and offer a smile to even the smallest joys. And, Be fully present to life during as many moments as possible; otherwise, we risk missing dozens of happy surprises waiting to touch our daily lives. There will always be storms . . . right over of us as well as on our horizon. And the big questions always remain: Where will your mind go as you wait? Where will your energy flow during the rains? Sending a blessing for the grace of the dance to gently move you through every storm. Jane



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