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Where Ever You Go, There You Are

It's Star Wars season again! I love being reminded that the Force is with us and my days will be filled with the new, the odd and the surprising. I am crazy about R2D2, Luke and Yoda, and am happy to be reminded that being totally present in a dark place far away, aiming for the truth and the right, is a worthy place to be. So enthralled with Star Wars was I that I named my favorite pet, Lucas PawWalker. He was a gentle giant of a cat, eventually topping 17 pounds, with the eternal heart of a kitty. Luke, like his namesake, was a kind of teacher. His actions spoke louder than his statements and he, simply and consistently, modeled the Force. It is Lucas' consistency I think of as Star Wars reenters this 2015 picture.

"Wherever you go, there you are." I don't know who is originally responsible for this gem of thought that I find both profound and simplistic. It easily takes on individual meaning for anyone who stops to chew a bit on it and suggests possibilities way beyond geography. For me it shouts, "Be present, right here and right now." Though I do love the notion of being peacefully aware and zen-like, regardless of the circumstances, I can be a rather pathetic student at this important practice of mindfulness, of taming a complicated life.

Ah, but Lucas PawWalker? His was a different story. His daily living mirrored the very essence of right here and right now and I really admired his ability to simply be. He lived all his individual, ongoing moments navigating in clear, unwavering lines to his "there you are" places. With no apparent worry about controlling a situation or setting an alarm, never wondering if it were the right time or place, disturbing something or adding to its peace, Luke ate, watched, discovered, washed himself or collapsed into sleep . . . until he was done. Then, from his "there," he traveled in focused ways to his next "wherever" with purpose and ease. Outside forces from his "here" to his "there" were blips to be endured and circumvented, but not mountains to detour him from his path.

Yes, I get it. We have bigger brains, lots more complexities to unpack; we find ourselves in situations that demand judgment and action, often calling for a change in direction. WE ARE BUSY and have IMPORTANT THINGSTO DO! How can we be expected to simply detach from the ever-present world issues and simply, calmly be aware when all around seems to call for so much more.

I think it is about finding balance. The Force, being present and calm within your own "there you are," is a catlike balance. For me, that means detaching from life's daily storms provided by all the new, the odd, the surprising, while staying mindful of my focus to keep moving toward whatever I have decided is the good, even within the darkest and most complex places. Remembering and practicing balance actually helps clear my path and I appreciate my Star Wars and feline teachers for their help.

May the Force be with you as travel life's byways because wherever your go, there you are; make it want you want it to be.


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