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WE ARE What Is In Common

"Tis the season . . . " And because this particular season is such a significant time in our common life as community, I feel as if something profound needs to burst forth. You know, ideas and words that are somehow penetrating . . . something weighty and big. But try as I might, 'big" didn't appear. Instead I discovered a season of simple and effortless. Tis also a party season and I accepted an invitation to attend a small holiday gathering. Different ages, genders, orientations, political affiliations, religions, nationalities and abilities - all in one room - sharing food, drinks, seasonal stories and music. During the evening a new acquaintance asked me if I knew everyone. As I looked at the 20 other faces around us, it struck me that I only could name a third of the people with whom I was sharing such an intimate time. As a party group, we really had little, if anything, in common. And then it struck me - Tis the season - and I am gently reminded that no matter who or where we are, WE ARE what is IN COMMON, in community, with those around us. So simple an idea, so effortless: to be present and celebrate that, in our humanity, we are sharing ourselves. Profound? maybe not. But, important? Most surely. Tis the season . . . in every season, to be in common with each other. Happy New Year!


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