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There Are No Coincidences

There are no coincidences. Since I published my memoir, Letters for Grace, 8 weeks ago, I've been contacted by men and women, both friends and strangers, who somehow found the book, read it and were touched in various ways by its words, and the journey toward ideas, discoveries, and hope it portrays. I feel incredibly honored by those of you who have chosen me to be your conversation partner about issues that are close to your hearts. But I won't lie; it is sometimes really tough to relive my journey through your questions. Still, I know it is what I am meant to do and that you are meant to partner with me. I believe you finding my book is not coincidental for either of us.

I may wince a little when certain statements or questions come my way; if you see that, please just understand I need some processing time. I'll eventually come around, we'll talk about what's important to you and through that conversation you will again prove that we've been led by something beyond us both to enter into some form of healing.

If you've read my book, please feel free to use this page as a way to contact me. Message me and we can talk if you would like. Share this post with friends who have also read or might want to read Letters for Grace. Coincidence is defined as an occurrence together apparently without reason. I know it to be God's way of simply remaining anonymous while providing all of us opportunities to touch each others' lives.


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