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Miracle Thinking Take2

It’s just days after Christmas and tis still the season, my friends, when we’re told miracles circle ‘round us. What would happen if we believed we were part of those miracles . . . always circling?

In my last blog, “Miracle Thinking," I shared a vexing Einstein quote on miracles. Since then I’ve done more reflecting on those “either/or” ideas and beliefs, and decided I’m happier when I move into “both/and” thinking. For me that means rather than only using the head’s demand for a rational, natural or purely scientific explanation for miracles, l embrace the idea that mysterious, unexpected events also surface because of the heart’s compassionate work.

The miraculous lives and thrives within love. Suspend any eye rolling for just a minute, please, and consider that perhaps we, each one, have the power to help bring about what feels like a miracle to another. When we act at the right time with the right intention, using love’s unconditional compassion, forgiveness and kindness, isn’t it possible we become a part of an inexplicable marvel, that surprising wonder . . . or even a healing event in the life of another?

The evergreen pictured is formed by actions and decisions we can make to positively impact the lives of others. They offer a myriad of options to help us remember each one of us has the power to act through love to help produce gracious, heart-inspired gifts to others. And, in that process, we also gift ourselves.

Another year is on the horizon, my friends. May your heart open you to being the grace-inspired miracle maker for another. And, may your 2022 journey find you with eyes opened wide, marveling at the love-inspired miracles circling ‘round you.

Happy new year’s grace,




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