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Encountering Grace

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”

Anne Lamott

Ah . . . the mystery of grace

Like miracle, grace, both as word and concept, doesn’t easily fit into the box of some commonly-held definition. I’m certain many of you aren’t surprised that I’ve tried for years to capture that definition. And, after it all, I’ve come to believe that grace is a mystery, one that shows itself—through feelings, events, situations, unexpected blessings and gifts—depending on how each of us, individually and personally, allows grace to come alive in our lives.

The picture I’m sharing with you today shows a visit of grace to my life. This hug from a beloved little one came unbidden; actually, it was the first I’d gotten without asking. I know I could simply call it a wonderful surprise, but because this great grandma’s heart was changed . . . was opened so widely to thankfully accept this unexpected, joyful expression of love, I name it an unforgettable grace moment.

It’s occurred to me that I have over 340 days ahead in this year to concentrate on encountering, recognizing and celebrating the grace moments that touch a life. Time well spent.

Whether it’s enfolded in the blessings of the natural world, available within our spiritual selves, or present in the most loving of human intentions, one to another, grace is available to be recognized, received with gratitude, and celebrated.

Watch and listen; be awake to the possibilities. Grace is alive and waiting . . . in beauty, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, unconditional love, compassion, serenity, tenderness, empathy, joy and unexpected blessings. It is a gift—priceless and heartfelt—clothed in some form of action and delivered to an open mind and heart.

May you encounter the many priceless gifts of grace, and soon recognize that your life is no longer in the same place it once was. When that happens, I hope you’ll share some of those experiences with me. I’m only a keystroke or two away.

With love,




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