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Encountering Grace - What Can I Do?

We encounter Grace when we take the time to witness. Whenever the qualities of unconditional love, mercy, full forgiveness, hope, loving kindness, serenity, unfettered joy, beauty, selfless generosity, compassion, and courage in the face of fear are witnessed, Grace is present.

We encounter Grace when we fearlessly take stock of who we are and how we behave. Whenever we confront and overcome . . . our own need to be first at all costs, our drive to have more, even at the expense of others, and the soul-crushing fears that keep us trapped, unwilling or unable to find the courage to fight for the rights of all . . . Grace is present.

Today, America is honoring and laying to rest one of her most gracious souls. John Lewis, Civil Rights leader, politician and humanitarian, lived by and fought for the principles of authentic, loving service to his fellow human beings. Because he was present with us, we witnessed Grace and were given opportunities to know more, do more and become more.

May Grace be ever-present in our lives together.


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