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A Love Note for All Seasons

The tree pictured first showed up for me as an anonymous image meant to represent this holiday season. For years I’ve wanted to replace, as well as add some words and phrases to its branches – to fashion a tree meant to embrace all seasons and all people. I finally took the time to finish that work so that it depicts not only a season or holiday, but every-day living to me. Every separate idea is meant as a message for how to think and feel and behave . . . each and every day.

I hope you’ll slow down enough to read them as if they were light points on the tree. Perhaps they could become part of this season’s Christmas list. Maybe those that shine brightest will become a new year’s resolution. And, if you focus deeply enough you might even find a series of words to repeat as your next calming mantra.

Oh, you need to go now? Need to pick up a few things for under the tree before you take care of dinner? Have a friend to meet, a reservation to make, or some wrapping to finish? I understand and don’t want to keep you . . .

But, before you rush off, please take one quiet moment to remind yourself how much you are loved. What better reason to slow yourself down? Really, take a deep breath, lower and relax those tight shoulders, and just let those words ring within you: You Are Loved. The truth and beauty of this statement is we don’t have to understand it or prove it, but only accept it so that we’re always ready and aware enough to receive, and then give life’s gracious gifts.

. . . Just one more thing before you race off – think about, even visualize, one gift under, or soon-to-be-under, your tree. It’s the one that you know will give real joy to another, the one that shows someone how deeply you care for him or her. Got it in your head? Now, understand that when that precious gift is given and received, You Become the Love you desire most to have.

Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa: Choose any and know that I hope your time during this season will warm and open your heart to the grace of its presence in your life, right here and right now.


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