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Be Both

It’s an awareness, be present, mindful thing:

~Yesterday has already forgotten us; ~Tomorrow doesn’t even know we’re coming; ~Today – NOW - is all we have. It’s our only real time to practice who we want to be, and to actively participate in a life we want to nurture and sustain.

I was recently in a busy airport, teeming with others of all colors and shapes and sizes and groupings. Each was preoccupied and on his/her own schedule . . . as was I. In fact, I expect I was at my self-absorbed best - head down and laser focused, not only on getting to my gate, but also thinking back to what I had recently experienced, as well as ahead to what I thought I’d need most to do when I arrived home. I couldn’t give you any details of those human, alive moments I was also in the midst of right then.

Then, for no particular reason I can remember, I raised my head and looked around at my fellow travelers, at my general surroundings. It was then I noticed a woman walking toward me, luggage in tow and wearing this t-shirt. It was a nondescript, dark color with white lettering . . . nothing special. But as I read and processed the message on that shirt, I gave myself a mental head slap. “Dang! How many other great ideas have you missed today by not being aware in what’s happening around you – right here and right now,” I asked myself.

Because there she was, inadvertently bringing me my message for the day . . . actually an important message for my every day:

humankind be both

Yep, there it was. I had to smile to myself . . . and then at her. My trip through that busy airport, as well the rest of my full day, began to be not only more interesting, but also less frantic and complicated. It just unfolded one present, ordinary or new situation at a time. I watched humankind being both . . . while I tried simply to do the same.

Sending you wishes for being both as you journey forward.


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