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A Pilgrimage into 2019

Oh, the ideas you’ll encounter . . . the places you’ll go . . . the possibilities you’ll find . . . the words you’ll use . . . the visions you’ll witness . . . the opportunities you’ll consider . . . the joys you’ll celebrate . . . the changes you’ll face – all to help you craft the lifestyle you’ll choose.

Welcome to 2019, your newest blank page, awaiting a story to be created and lived by You.

In June, 2017, I blogged about a physical pilgrimage I made, walking the Camino toward Santiago, Spain, while also journeying into a personal mission of self-discovery. That time was transformational for me, physically and emotionally. It helped me to begin constructing an altered life story – to change from the inside out through soul searching and purposefully practicing different ways of thinking and behaving.

And now it feels like the right time for another intentional, though more stationary, journey. 2018 was an especially stress-filled, often sad and truly chaotic year for me. I’ve had to admit to myself that I didn’t always like how the person in my mirror showed up to navigate her life’s roller coaster ride of the lovely highs and very troublesome lows. The pilgrim in me is shouting for a change in direction and I’m listening.

This blog begins my newest pilgrimage . . . into imagining, reflecting on and walking into new ways of reaching for and responding to the myriad curve balls life will most surely continue to throw my way. In blogs going forward I’ll be talking about the who’s, what’s and why’s of crafting the newest pages of a 2019 story. I’m looking forward to sharing all my favorite resources with you.

How about you? Want to transform something in your new year? Come walk with me. Share your discoveries and resources. This pilgrim loves your company.

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