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The Grace of simply listening

This post came to me today, shared on her FB page by a family member. Our family, like yours, understands all too well those difficult events that become gateways into grief, whether they be death, divorce, life-long mental and physical health issues, long-term care giving, unmet, deeply desired hopes . . . and on and on.

What this 4-minute video offers simply and clearly is what I’ve found to be true, not only during my own grief journey but also through my reading, researching and writing about the interconnectedness of grief and grace. Standing by in quiet support - tenderly acknowledging the inevitable pain that must be experienced in order to travel through it - is a most gracious way of honoring and helping another living within grief.

I hope this video will speak to each of you, giving you hope as one in grief, or helping you to support another living through the loss of something profoundly precious to their life.

May you know the peace of grace, always quietly present and available, surrounding you day by day.


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