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Finding Grace

This newly uploaded picture on my author page looks out at the Pacific where I want to believe these waves will still remember when my son’s family flung his ashes into their elegant and rhythmic grandeur. I return to this particular picture periodically to enjoy its ethereal beauty and, when I let myself, recall the power and the profound life-changing grief and grace moments of that time.

Two days ago I learned that I now have a publisher for my second book, Finding Grace: journeys of grief, courage and healing. And as soon as I began this quick note to share my happiness with you, I knew I needed to join this picture – so tied to the power of my son’s memory – with that news. It is only because of Matthew, his life and death, that I have had the desire and perseverance to complete both of my books, eventually naming each for the courage and healing love of Grace in our lives.

I am enormously blest and grateful. Thank you all for your generous support.


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