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Isaac: Our child in heaven

The last several months of writing I had been driving to my interviews with parents, encircled within a sense of contradiction. I knew I was going to be hearing stories depicting the darkest time in parents’ lives, yet I was traveling to hear those heartbreaking narratives through truly awe-inspiring landscapes. The sky had been its most clear and brilliantly blue; the turning leaves boasting breathtaking hues of gold and orange; the air, wonderfully soft; and the lively sounds of playing children greeted me most every time. I was continually struck by life’s beauty surrounding each home I entered, even though I knew death had visited before me. Surely this dichotomy must have some meaning. Perhaps I’m to remember that even in the most grief-filled experiences, grace and hope await, circling patiently, just outside. I walked up to Patrick and Erin’s front door and even before I knocked I could feel myself smiling; just ahead a sweet sign told me this family, once rocked by inconsolable loss, had welcomed a new baby.

We talked of Isaac, of their darkest times and of their hope and faith. As our time together drew to a close, Erin and Patrick share this: “Everything happens for a reason. It’s made us and our faith stronger, and our family closer.” The parents have realized that their irretrievable loss has changed the ways they now empathize and sympathize with others. Patrick continued, “I know one day we’ll be in a position to help someone come through this type of thing; we will be able to give them comfort because we know uniquely how this feels.” They stand ready and willing to provide support to others whenever and wherever it may be needed.

To read the entire story of Isaac, go to my website: Navigate on the menu bar to Books and scroll to Parents tell their Stories. A story of love and steadfast faith waits for you there.

As always, I send my best hopes for your grace-filled journey . . . to wherever brings you joy and peace.


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