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Tell me – what would your message say?

What would you say if this was your time, your special moment to take a leap of faith and tell another, with no expectations, what would fulfill you right now? I read that off the coast of Australia a message, dated in the 1880’s, was found in a bottle. Just think – words from those long since passed who took a chance to reach over time and space in order to communicate a desire, a need, with the unknown. It turns out these 1886 sea travelers were clear about their need; they were searching for information about the Indian Ocean currents in which their ship was sailing. How about you? Are you clear about your desires? What might answer the questions of your hopes? What do you need to accomplish to be your best self? What would your message say?

Messages in bottles fascinate me. I discovered the story of a woman who walks the shore close to her home looking to find bottles containing messages; she’s also fascinated with the idea of throwing wishes and dreams into the vastness of the uncharted, seemingly with no need to control what happens to them. Though bottled messages have some things in common – authentic, genuine, significant news from the sender’s life, often flung forth in hope, but with no foregone expectations – they are as individual as each who writes the message.

Different bottles discovered and opened over time have contained distress signals, informational reports from expeditions, memorial tributes, loved ones’ ashes on their final journey, poetry to a lost love, letters containing the last words of those believing themselves doomed, as well as hope-filled invitations to elicit love relationships. Whether through poetry, prayer, perceptions, pronouncements or proof-seeking data, the bottles contained goals and dreams, the genuine desire for something not yet fulfilled in the writer’s life. As often as these communications are sent with literal hopes and humans in mind, they are also sent from one’s heart into the ethereal space of a boundless universe.

These messages speak of human need, of heartfelt desire, of hope for rescue. I think that’s why they resonate so with me; they can carry significant ideas and profound perceptions – they can change lives. What do you suppose someone is thinking when he composes a message compact enough to be contained in a small bottle to be launched, without reserve, into the cosmos? What could be so important that she reaches into her heart to find the words to share, not with someone close in proximity, but with another totally foreign to her situation?

I want to read those messages. Not shopping lists, Oscar picks, great vacation spots or transitory rants. Instead, I want to know what we believe will bring our individual lives beauty or peace, truth or authenticity; what is so heartfelt that we feel compelled to take the time to prepare and share a message with others, even strangers, where outcomes are neither predictable nor expected.

I want to read your message. What words express your best hopes for more? What ideas are you passionate enough about to fling into a different space and time? What hopes or dreams speak of your unique humanness? Launch them onto this site, knowing that not only will they be read, but that perhaps someone or something else could come into your life just from your sharing. After all, messages in bottles are acts of faith, activities that say you trust your words will find a home . . . maybe even the home they are searching for.

Tell me – what is your message?

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