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Merry . . . whatever fills you with love!

I wish you the peace, happiness and joy-filled spirit of . . .

Let’s pretend a few days in the future you’re waking to a dazzling blue sky on a beautifully crisp day that is only meant to be enjoyed. You feel amazingly rested and realize you don't need those extra minutes of sleep. You gaze out at the day . . . and you're ready.

The only things on your plate today will be the foods you’ve looked forward to for a week. Your calendar today consists of loving hugs from _____ and ____, the peace of a blissful ______, and, of course, petting your ____ and eating with your ______. And you smile because there is nothing you need to organize or clean up.

Hooray! You get a call from far away telling you a long-time friend, ______, really misses seeing you and wonders if you are up for a _____. Then there’s an invitation to _____ from ______. And still, there’s nothing to clean up!

You are happily surprised when _________, because now you'll be able to _______. The day winds down; you sit contentedly and feel wonderfully thankful that _________. This is that day you’ve been waiting to celebrate and enjoy . . . with nothing to organize, and nothing to clean up.

My wish for you all is contained in Henry vanDyke’s words:

“I am thinking of you today because it is Christmas (or whatever day you wish).

And I wish you happiness.

And tomorrow, because it is the day after Christmas, I shall still wish you happiness. I may not be able to tell you about it every day, because I may be far away or we may be very busy. But that makes no difference – my thoughts and my wishes will be with you just the same. Whatever joy or success comes to you will make me glad clear through the year – I wish you the spirit of Christmas."

Make a wish, believe in it and let it come true.

Merry . . . whatever fills you with love!


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