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Care Deeply

It is just a few days after some stunning election surprises. For many of us a shakeup of seismic proportions has just happened. And obviously I'm still processing a lot of stuff because I've just realized I'm quietly sitting at my old family desk. Really, just sitting here . . . unsure of what brought me to this spot. Maybe I was going to do something about a plan for the day. Got to admit it, though, I just don't remember. I'm just here.

Anyway, I looked up and focused on the shelves in front of me and saw a framed saying that I purchased years ago. It is sitting on the shelf between two collections that are of real significance for me. On the right of the memento are a group of books, important to my son, that I brought back with me after we cleaned out his room for the last time. On the left is a wonderful picture of my mother when she was alive, beautiful and vibrant. The inscription on the frame includes these words: What lasts is love.

And in the center of these things sits this saying . . . words I realize may just be my charge for days ahead: Care Deeply, Give Freely, Think Kindly, Act Gently, And be at peace with the earth.

OK, today I'll take these words to heart and practice what I knew was important only moments before my personal election earthquake. May you find words to settle and balance you for the time ahead - one day at a time.


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