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Unexpected Abundance

After my three week travels - two trains and three planes - and the natural intensity that comes with talking about a personal loss journey, as well as meeting one on one with those who have such tender stories about their own grief, I admit to feeling stretched and a bit unbalanced. I decided I needed a balancing time so did what I always do - I chose a book from my special stack and opened it randomly. As I read I was quickly reminded that being depressed, unhappy, limited and even "stretched" is a habit one can fall into. Choosing and practicing the habit of falling into happiness and gratefulness instead is such a better option! Abundance during this trip came in the form of loving family and friends and new acquaintances whom I was hoping to serve. It is so important for me to remember that my own balance is a state of mind first and a state my emotions and actions next. Feeling better already! No longer stretched, I wish you the joy that can come from believing you each can choose your habits. Choose well and enjoy this beautiful and awe-filled summertime.


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