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It's Good to Be Back

As you may have realized, and I hope you have, I’ve been absent from the website for a while.

But I’m back!

The summer has been a full one . . . full of stuff that led me to lose track of myself – the happily busy self – because I was engaged with my other self – the overextended, discontented, analytical introvert self. Though it hasn’t been great fun being me lately, I only have myself to blame.

Honestly, it seems as if things should be clearer at my advanced age . . . but life will do as it must, and continues to let me tangle all my selves up in its opportunities.

It's good to be back with more clarity about the stories that are important to me – many that I love and some that I think I’m meant to tell. I hope you’ll want to read what I choose to share. Stay tuned in and let’s see how it goes.

I discovered this diagram and said to myself: "Yep - this is my writer's, overextended self at work." It’s a pretty accurate visual of where I’ve been – lost in my ramblings of what could or should or might get my story told. So, have a laugh, or at least a smile on me as you try following the convoluted arrows of my other self.

Wishing you all grace, clarity and balance as you live out your own storylines.


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