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Remembering Grant through whispering wings

My afternoon’s interview with a bereaved mother reminds me, once again, that death is a puzzle whose pieces rarely fall easily into place. But, discovering how to be at peace with the clues we are given is an incredible gift . . . within our grasp. The birdbath resting in Leanna’s front yard with its intricately-designed butterflies and dragonflies poised in flight helps to signal the availability of such a gift. Dragonflies and butterflies – powerful symbols in many cultures of adaptability, self-healing, transformation, even resurrection – serve as gracious reminders that souls, like that of a treasured son who has passed, are never really lost, but instead lovingly transformed. When we invite quiet, listen closely, and let the moment speak, we can hear the delicate whisper of wings prompting us to understand that our only guarantee is that grace through love abounds – that it exists to be shared intentionally and lavishly, that healing is available when we find ways to sit in its circle with others, and that anything is possible when we wrap ourselves in its arms.

To read Grant’s story in its entirety, go to Navigate to Books on the menu header and drop down to “Parents tell their Stories.”

Wishing you all the grace of loving transformations –


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