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Jane Nicolet

Writer - Editor - Speaker

Grace calls out to our hearts when grief’s dark power threatens; and when we let it, its whispers of promised mercy and peace breathe hope into our despair. It challenges us to muster the courage to open our hearts even more widely, to make a trusting move from no to yes, even when the doubt and indecision of maybes won’t easily stand aside.


                            Finding Grace:  journeys of  grief, courage and healing

Matthew Christopher

18 letters spill over the first line certifying new life,

identifying the spirit and energy of love in tender human form.

 Tiny, waving fists brush exposed heart;

an audacious yawn and unblinking gaze leave me no choice;

leaning down so our foreheads touch I breath in

and seal you into me.


Letters for Grace:  One mother's journey

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