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Finding Grace: journeys of grief, courage and healing combines the search for healing found in Grieving Mindfully by Sameet Kumar with the inquisitive style of Barbara Brown Taylor's, Learning to Walk in the Dark. The tender and intimate stories shared by bereaved parents coupled with reflections on grief, courage and healing guide readers into explorations of reclaiming hope and grace from the chaos of profound grief.  

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Letters for Grace, One Mother's Journey charts the journey of a survivor. In letters to son, Matt, and metaphorical friend, Grace, a mother unpacks her deepest wonderings and most difficult questions in a search to round and soften the painful, sharp edges of living in grief. Through honest and often-difficult conversations, this story provides the shaping of one mother’s ten-year journey after Death, disguised as a sad and uncomfortable policewoman, knocked loudly at her front door.  Throughout, there is a longing to experience Rilke’s compassionate belief that being patient with one’s own questions will eventually lead to unearthing and living into their answers.  

Excerpts from Letters for Grace

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