Encountering Grace

January 26, 2019

More thoughts for "First things First" 

And the first “First” is always this reminder: 


Welcome back to my walk toward a more peaceful Jane brain and more joyful Jane heart. Becoming mindful of my present day to day life has become an intentional act. Last week, in hopes that some of you might want to join me, I began by introducing a few books that I thought helpful for any who are either beginning or re-visiting the practices of living mindfully and meditation. Now, in part two, I want to share another aspect of...

January 21, 2019

~ Stuff we think we know: our shoe size; our favorite drink after 5:00 pm; which news channel to trust; Chinese vs Italian food; pizza toppings; shortest path to a favorite coffee shop; whether we’re a cat or dog person; best and quickest way to reach the people we love.

~ Stuff we try to figure out: how to efficiently use the latest remotes; investing in a MAC or another PC; when to say yes to a plumber about updating a water heater; finding the best person to clean a fireplace; which apps are really worth the power drain on a phone; why the smoke alarm always screams aft...

January 13, 2019

Oh, the ideas you’ll encounter . . . the places you’ll go . . . the possibilities you’ll find . . . the words you’ll use . . . the visions you’ll witness . . . the opportunities you’ll consider . . . the joys you’ll celebrate . . . the changes you’ll face – all to help you craft the lifestyle you’ll choose. 

Welcome to 2019, your newest blank page, awaiting a story to be created and lived by You.

In June, 2017, I blogged about a physical pilgrimage I made, walking the Camino toward Santiago, Spain, while also journeying into a personal mission of self-discovery. That time w...

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