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Encountering Grace

July 26, 2014

Practicing detachment - a consistent and tough job! Still, somehow I know it is detachment, and not blindly holding on tightly to what I love, that will bring me some happiness. Author Thomas Bien posits that happiness, like life itself, is only made possible through impermanence. Knowledge can outgrow ignorance, children can move into adulthood and caterpillars can become butterflies - all because they are not permanently rooted. I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to visit my son, Matt, this week and found myself wallowing around in the ideas surrounding imperman...

July 15, 2014

After my three week travels - two trains and three planes - and the natural intensity that comes with talking about a personal loss journey, as well as meeting one on one with those who have such tender stories about their own grief, I admit to feeling stretched and a bit unbalanced. I decided I needed a balancing time so did what I always do - I chose a book from my special stack and opened it randomly. As I read I was quickly reminded that being depressed, unhappy, limited and even "stretched" is a habit one can fall into. Choosing and practicing the habit of falling in...

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