Encountering Grace

The Power of Tiny Miracles

Lauren Grace is the beloved child of Scott and Lindsay. A tiny miracle, lost too soon, Lauren’s spirit continues to enrich the hearts and lives of her parents. The following is adapted from the full story of her stillbirth, told to me by her parents. “Sometimes MIRACLES arrive so tiny that we cannot feel the weight of them – and yet we are still changed and we are blessed none the less . . .” In “Love Deeply,” author Henri Nouwen writes of the rich possibilities ahead when hearts remain open after grief: “Do not hesitate to love and to love deeply. You might be afraid of the pain that deep love can cause. When those you love deeply . . . die, your heart will be broken. But that should not ho

Grace to fly again

My mind is on Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Newtown, Orlando . . . and on that early October Sunday night in Las Vegas. My heart is trying to wrap itself around the actions of one person whose inexplicable violence impacted the lives of over 20,000 people in less than 20 inutes. My mind challenges my heart: “Where is the grace in the senseless, the unexplainable, in the random, horrific and unfathomable loss of innocent life? I waited in calm stillness for some kind of answer . . . and it came. Grace, unconditional, benevolent and divine love, was present at each gruesome scene. It blazed brightly in the abundant selflessness of strangers standing by one another, in every courageous and gen

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