Encountering Grace

Pilgrimage: A State of Mind

Pilgrimage: A State of Mind Pilgrimage – an intentional journey; a search for a physical location; an inward exploration of the intangible; a path toward spiritual growth; a mission. I’ve been in the midst of a pilgrim journey, begun in the hope of combining all of its definitions. I’m just back from intentionally traveling to a physical location while at the same time using that journey as a mission to explore and enrich the inner me. Three friends and I walked a portion of The Way of St James (the Camino), a famous, well-traveled Pilgrim’s pathway leading from different places in Spain, France and Portugal to its single-point end, Santiago de Compostela. Santiago, located in northwestern S

In Memory of Lucas PawWalker: Wherever You Go, There You Are

Here I am, in lounge position on my deck considering the bumpy ebb and flow of emotion following life’s newest curve ball. I’m grateful to be in the midst of beauty; the sky is turning that soft, muted shade of blue pink, signaling the washing of light clouds across a setting sun. And then, as if on cue, I catch the heavy-footed thump that could only belong to my good friend. “Hey buddy,” I say and watch his face turn to mine. Sweetly, with perfect assurance, he moves forward, jumps easily and lands his 17 pounds on my lap. I stroke his head, close in on that spot right between his eyes that he loves, and lean down to whisper, “It’s that time again; things are changing. Want to stay put for

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