Encountering Grace

A Journey for Two

“A Journey for Two” is a story of courage, devotion and love. It shares a special time between a mother and her adult daughter as the two journey toward a life’s end. When I first met Pat, the storyteller and mother, she surprised me by sharing she had just finished my memoir, Letters for Grace. Then she offered me words of sympathy for my loss. Though I was prepared to listen and learn from her story, we instead began with her gift to me. Such unexpected generosity reminds me of an incontrovertible truth I have discovered over this past year: when bereaved parents are together, there is a common, empathetic bond that connects them. Authentic listening, generous words, gentle smiles, honest

In Gratitude

In Gratitude I experience such an uplifting feeling of promise this time of year. During that space when winter has blown through the last of its season and spring shows up at its most delicious, I almost hold my breath. It’s such a tender time – of wonder, thankfulness, reflection and renewal. Light-filled days are pregnant with new possibilities, while gentle, softer breezes warm our walks and the gorgeous riot of new color play together across our landscapes. Mother Earth in our part of the world delivers her gifts beautifully and passionately – a gracious reminder of her forever turning . . . and our forever desire to start again with the new, to wonder how we’ve done and what’s next, a

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