Encountering Grace

Derek Earl: For Everything a Time

Timing is everything! At least that’s how it seems to me when I use it to navigate the many twists and turns of day-to-day living. It’s tricky – finding just the right timing for all kinds of things, like . . . logging in and logging off, eating dessert, applying for a credit card, pruning the bushes, picking up the check, smiling at a stranger, ignoring an email, laughing until your nose runs, or even playing with a puppy. How do you identify the best time to ask for help; find another job; skip church; say a heartfelt yes . . . or a gentle, difficult no; share a secret; hear a profound story or just keep quiet? Life presents us with an unbelievable number of opportunities to use time to so

Quietly Seeking Nothing

Quietly seeking Nothing OK – raise your hand if you feel just a little worried when you aren’t doing something with the intention of seeing results . . . getting to the end, nailing down the details, tying up the loose ends, putting the icing on the cake. All you - with your hands in the air? You are my people! But now, I’m trying to figure out how to also be in life outside of our circle. I’ve had the real pleasure over the last eight weeks of organizing and helping to facilitate a book study of The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown. It is a little jewel of a book, chocked full of reminders that my lifelong perfectionism is not necessarily a great thing. I’ve had eight weeks of saying t

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